Career Opportunities before Graduating from College

​College is a major step towards success, towards the dream job or position each person has longed for since learning or realizing the one or many things that truly inspires them and makes passionate about. College is a place where one can expand intellectually, personally and characteristically before entering in the always moving productive world. In the ever advancing world, diversity, communication, and experience are sometimes what is required in order for new entering productive individuals to thrive and keep moving forward, this leads to the question, how can undergraduate students prepare for such world?
​College is already complicated and stressful enough to keep adding more nerve-wracking activities in order to meet these requirements, but balancing plays a great part in how successful one can become, knowing how to balance can lead to one discovering and gaining new information and obtaining a glimpse of how the working world functions. Allowing time to perform other activities other than course work will enhance someone’s experience in college, new doors will be opened, new connections will be made, new skills and knowledge will be gained, but it all starts with balancing and the desire of reaching that one dream, or dreams, that has led many to higher education while attending college.
​There are many ways an undergraduate can expand it’s his or her knowledge and work on new skills before graduating from college, there are opportunities for a undergraduate to help a graduate or professor in his or her research, or conduct his or her own undergraduate research in Special Studies Courses, and one could also work as an intern for a company for a short or long period of time, either way both will be beneficial to one’s experience. These opportunities open the doors to new knowledge and connections.
​If one explores the resources that each student is given by UCSD, one can find that there are tools to find research, internship and work opportunities. Personally when I was exploring these features I was awed, there were several listing for available positions from companies such as internships in Facebook, Cisco, Pixar Studios and many other companies, also research opportunities with other universities in the country and world, institutions such as NASA, Intel, or the Department of Homeland Security.
​Being an internship with Facebook not only does it sound cool, but one learns a lot. The basic requirement is: loving, being passionate and being “Smart” with what you already know and do with computers and heavy programming. The intern will be working on building algorithms for complicated case Builders for different products without the supervision of someone, the intern must be his own or her own role model, basically. While talking to different people who had already worked in internships, I have learned that not every experience is the same, some get to be very, very hands on while others can be intellectual with hands on experience. The bottom line is that every experience develops different aspects of each individual, a friend who was a summer inter for Facebook told me that since day one he and his team got involved in creating and developing different products.
​Another internship opportunity comes from Yelp company, widely know for its data of different businesses and interaction with it, in other words it’s a company dedicated to helping one find the services he or she needs through reviews or information about a certain service. The basic requirements are knowledge of some programming languages and the desire to learn. The different projects one can work on include: working on algorithms, creating whole simple systems, and developing applications for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms all for the improvement of the interaction of regular people with data that can be used in everyday basis.
​The different internships that are available require different skills and therefore contain different expectations. But the same could be said about positions in research. Personally, I have not talked with many people who have been involved in research, but I have attended some conferences where both graduate and undergraduate students have shared their experiences. Therefore I have concluded to the following with the information I have acquired from conferences and the information I have found online: research can be something that will impact one’s own life and potentially the lives of others, the individuals involved in research continually look for an answer to questions that has not been answered before, a solution to problems that have not yet been solved in society. Research allows people to work in one or more areas with others to come to a solid explanation to a problem or question.
Research improves one’s abilities to obtain information, to interact with others to get to the same point, while at the same time learning something new. There is competition to get a certain position in internship, research and job opportunities, just applying is the first step towards the acquisition of something great. The benefits are several and learning something new is guaranteed,but the first step is to desire to become something better than your future job will require.

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