In Order To Be Successful

Being successful in school means more than just attending classes and obtaining a descent grade, to be successful one must devote himself or herself to achieve the best he or she can do, if a C is the best a person can do, then that person is successful. A C in a class may not seem like much, may even seem a failure, but if all the time spent taking notes, studying, understanding the educational material and practicing problems similar to the ones discussed in class is done with honesty and effort and a C is what is accomplished after so much devoted time, then that person is successful, not because that person passed the class but because all his or her work produced something to be proud of.

Doing well in Computer Science and Engineering classes is more than dealing with the technical side of computers and their electrical components. In order to perform well in one of the many Computer Science and Engineering classes, one must comprehend the several concepts that are introduced in the preliminary courses and hence develop on them as one advances. Just knowing the material will not be sufficient to prosper as one moves up the levels in computer science, in order to be successful one must implement on the material that has been learned, one has to create his or her own goals and use the learned material and modify it to arrive to that personal goal, which may include something simple like flipping an image over its x-axis to creating a unique application that may improve the lives of many.

But first things first, it all starts with a dream, that dream develops goals, those goals create inspiration and that inspiration is the imagination that will keep one moving forward, will push one to his or her limits, will make one choose right and wrong choices and will lead an individual to learn from his or her own mistakes, and hence that will shape his or her own life.

To even pass the first computer science class will require a student to understand the basics of the material, review and practice the different assignments, homeworks and projects. One is not expected to be perfect, one is expected to make mistakes and learn from them, making mistakes is part of the learning experience, perhaps the most important and critical for nothing in life is truly flawless.

Personally, I read the material before class so that I can be prepared for it and when in class the material becomes clear as the professor along with the rest of my classmates discuss it and later use that material to complete our assignments and homeworks. I try to spend about an hour each day modifying the examples that are given in class and try to make them accomplish whatever I set my mind to, most of the times I do not accomplish what I desired but the outcome is always welcomed.

When working with others, we share our concerns and areas of weakness, we discuss what different versions of a program might do and agree on one that might accomplish whatever our goal as a group is. Not only do we come to a solute answer but also learn to work as a team, in the real business world one often works in groups to solve everyday problems.

To prepare for a test I try to practice my areas of weakness, I review the material from class and revise the different works I have performed. Sometimes I struggle with new concepts, for I am a very visual person and sometimes it takes me a little longer to completely visualize something new where everything is codes and words.

Computer science can a pain in the butt, but if it is truly one’s passion, it is like water for plants. One needs it to live and can change or impact the life of others.


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