Human and Technology Relations: Walk to Our Doom…?

​ The interaction of humanity with technology has increased exponentially over the past few years, computers have evolved from being simple machines that performed, or at least attempted to carry out simple calculations such sum and subtraction. One may argue when the first computer was invented, some say the first attempt was in Egypt during the times of the first civilizations, others may bring the argument that the first actual computer was built in America, but the thing is, all those attempts, implementations, ideas, concepts and dreams of a perfectly working world have helped shape what technology is today.

​Technology in the form of computers, cellphones, GPS, Mp3’s, television, and many other devices that would have seemed out of this world a few decades back, have become part of everyday life, technology has been implemented itself in everyone’s lives through the need of access to the ever increasing information and the necessity of communication to trade ideas and keep the world moving. ​

Everyone’s lives has been touched by technological in at least one sort of way, that way being a newborn connected to machines to register his or her vital signs, a businessman using a projector to share his or her ideas, or simply a mother using a phone to call her beloved. The relationship that has been developed has its good and bad aspects. There are many theories, some scorn the use of computers claiming that the dependency will make the users incompetent while the computer drains limitless information from the user, thus taking the subject’s life in a manner that he or she would not be able to do anything without the use of computer. It may sound a little exaggerated, but partially true, there have been cases where computers have taken jobs.

Humans have indeed grown dependent of technology,  but to the extent of a mutualistic relationship, where society benefits from the processes and computations, technology benefits by becoming more versatile, efficient and sophisticated, qualities that are very useful for the development of society.

​ Technology has improved life in many ways, everything can me done remotely and accurately, but it all comes with a price, not much can be done without the assistance of an electronic device, and the question comes to mind, what would happen to humanity if for some reason every electronic device were to cease functioning, would life continue as normal? would production be the same? will communication cease? How would this affect a person’ s everyday life? This may sound like an impossible thing to happen, but everything is possible. Questions like these make one wonder how independent one really is, life would not be the same without technology.
Although technology has brought us many positive things, it has also led us to heavily rely on the computations of machines. It is a theory, but someday when artificial intelligence is finally achieved, how will that affect us, when we can no longer perform anything by ourselves?

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